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 Lodi's finest Pinot Noir vineyard.
$29.00 per Bottle

Produced in a refreshing style. Flavors reminiscent of fresh picked strawberries, peaches and cherries. Serve well chilled.

$19.00 per Bottle
$28.00 per Bottle

Produced in small quantities, this port styled wine is excellent with full flavored cheeses and chocolate as well. Not for the faint of heart for the alcohol level is up there.

$42.00 per Bottle

Traditional Sangiovese character. Aged in Slovenian Oak casks - exactly as it is done in Tuscany. Enjoy with friends and pasta!

$29.00 per Bottle

This is it… The real stuff… just like Uncle Gino drinks. A tasty, hardy daily red. Would Uncle Gino steer you wrong? Original label artwork by R.D. Bentley.

$19.00 per Bottle
Black plum, blackberries, red licorice, raspberries and lavender make for this delightful glass of red. Age-worthy or consume now!
$40.00 per Bottle

We babysit the vines through the summer heat, prune away leaves that shade the grapes and harvest them at their peak. Enjoy with friends and family. Only 21 barrels made.

$24.00 per Bottle

What? A Napa Valley Zin at this price? An elegant example of the deep Napa soils. Very limited availability.

$26.00 per Bottle
Boy, can Joey pick'em -  not only the grapes but the vineyard land he controls. This big 'ol high extraction Zin just knocks us out...not literally but, oh my, what a mouthful. Extremly limited quantities.
$36.00 per Bottle