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A delightful sparkling with a hint of almond... yes, almond, in a "lightly" sweet style. Perfect with or as dessert. Very limited quantities.

$26.00 per Bottle

Aromas and flavors reminiscent of cherry, spice and peppery oak.  A well balanced and food friendly wine and favorite for 18 years. Original label art by Pam Murphy.

$18.00 per Bottle

An ideal companion for pasta and pizza. Bucatini's intense fruit and complex flavors make it a perfect addition to your favorite Italian dish. A pasta musta!

$24.00 per Bottle

Only three times in our twenty year history have we selected a “Charlie’s Reserve” designation. You see, this is a wine I know will carry and improve long into the future!

$55.00 per Bottle
Due to the limited availability of this item, the maximum order quantity is 3.

Fifty-one cases made. Aged for twenty months in Gamba French Oak barrels, this rich ripe beauty displays a veritable check list of positives for the avid cab drinker. We can't say enough!

$100.00 per Bottle

Cool coastal Lake County air (Cabernet’s favorite) and higher annual rainfall allow a growing pattern that produces superb grapes. Blended with Merlot, this wine is ready to drink or cellar.

$32.00 per Bottle

Rosemary's Baby! This rich ripe beauty displays a veritable check list of positives for the avid Cabernet drinker. We can’t say enough...Hey you, Cab fan, try this!

$65.00 per Bottle

A perfect match for seafood of any kind, including ceviche, sushi, or grilled salmon. This Sauvignon Blanc will enhance any Catch of the Day. Serve lightly chilled.

$18.00 per Bottle

Aromatic, with succulent aromas of ripe apples overlain with French oak influences. Delightful grace and balance. Don't miss, quantities are limited.

$28.00 per Bottle
Ever so lightly oaked in French barriques, this luscious, Napa wine showcases the deep soils in which it's planted. Fabulous and a steal at this price!
$36.00 per Bottle

Ever so lightly French barrel aged. A beauty!

$32.00 per Bottle
 Never trust a skinny chef! This well-balanced Zinfandel begs for pizza and pasta. Enjoy!
$22.00 per Bottle